"One can hear his prodigious sonority right fron the very first seconds...with his deep and warm voice,
some time dark and flamboyant but always profound and golden"

"In the Brahms songs, so expressive is Causa's playing that I never missed the words"

"Indeed, beauty of sound continues to be a characteristic of his playing. Causa's tone radiates a wonderful warmth even when high on the A string"
The Strad magazine

"Causa's tone and intesity is simply overwhelming"

"Ettore Causa produces a tone of palpable, sensuous beauty-dark, rich and lustrous"

"Ordinarily, I would object to instrumental arrangements of songs, but so caring and idiomatic are Causa's transcriptions that they sound as if they are from the of the composer himself."

"Regardless of what instruments he holds in his hand, Ettore Causa is simply a magnificent consummate musician"

"Causa does with the viola what few have even come close to achieving. His sound is incredibly powerful, with nary a hint that he has any difficulty rising above the piano. The lower register of his instrument are what might be expected of a viola:deep, rich and resonate. It is in the upper registers, and the evennes between high and low, that Causa really distinguishes himself from other viola soloist"
All music

"Causa's sound is enormously big and strikingly beautiful"
La Nacion

"Tonal beauty is certainly on show.....with .sensitive and refulgent playing "
Jonathan Woolf